Rejuvenation of the earlobe

It is easy to forget the earlobe rejuvenation as we refer to, among other things because it is in a lateral plane of the face and is usually covered by hair. It is only evident when ripping the earring hole or they fail to properly position. The earlobe with the passage of time also loses density becoming older and look flabby, wrinkled and inconsistent.

Preauricular area can also deteriorate displayed one vertical wrinkles that increase more so old-looking appearance of the pinna.

To solve these problems we have several techniques:

  • Firstly if the lobe is a small tear is performed surgery at the same clinic to close it. Local anesthesia is used to prevent discomfort. After a month you can also make the new hole in the same clinic and drop earring.
  • To solve the lobe thinning we use fillers with hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite.
  • In the preauricular area also we use hyaluronic acid fillers and / or Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid vitamins and trace elements that moisturize and regenerate collagen fibers giving a smooth skin.

These techniques are performed in one session except mesotherapy which requires at least three sessions.

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