Eye area, Cheekbones & Chin

The cheekbones give a look of freshness to the face and bone structure are provided by the zygomatic and malar bones, muscles and subcutaneous fat areas filling interosseous and superficial skin is a mobile area (closest to the nose) and a more static area (closest to the temple).

With age and gravity subdermal fat is lost (lipoplasia) and the skin loses collagen and elastin fibers causing the effect of lowering the cheekbone. Falling cheekbone is accentuated because the nasolabial furrow (SNL) and all this causes the aged appearance of the face.

By Ac Hyaluronic or calcium hydroxyapatite infiltration enhancement of the cheekbone is achieved both in the area of natural fat lost as creating anchor vectors in the static area. In the orbital region is used to fill the eyecup preventing the appearance of tired eyes.

Chin projection help bring harmony to contour and facial profile. The technique is simple and the product passes from the sides with a fine needle.

Infiltration by atraumatic microcannula lidocaine and entry points of the same, avoids the annoying bruising and make it virtually painless.

At the end of a massage session and apply ice to minimize swelling and signs that may be gone in 24-48 hours.


Virtual Makeover for Contour of eyes, cheekbones and chin.

Virtual makeover for Contour of eyes, cheekbones and chin treatment

Look at the effects that a botox treatment can get on your face. To do this, CLICK ON THE IMAGE on the left and follow the instructions below:

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3.-CHOOSE A TREATMENT: to see the effects of the Contour of eyes, cheekbones and chin treatment choose Cheek Volume and/or Jaw Contour

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