Treatment to eliminate excess fat in double chin: sculpting the neck.

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What is the Double Chin?

The double chin is the excess fat and sagging skin that is located in the anterior region of the neck, below the chin.

Occasionally, excess fat also appears in the areas of the neck that are laterally below the jaw, giving the neck a wide appearance and loss of normal profiling of the jaws.

The causes are very varied: genetic, weight gain, prolonged exposure to the sun, gravity and natural aging.

There are many surgical and medical-aesthetic methods for the treatment of jowls. Surgery to remove excess skin and repair the neck muscles is the most effective, although it requires a longer recovery period. Traditional liposuction removes fat and moderately corrects skin flaccidity. Non-surgical methods such as the use of cold, ultrasound, laser, radiofrequency, etc. are also useful, although they do not achieve the expected results on many occasions. Treatments with drugs injected into the fat for dissolution are slow to produce results, produce adverse effects such as prolonged inflammation, and are very costly.

It is necessary to make a good diagnosis of the problem and its cause; then the plastic surgeon experienced in these treatments can use one or more of them to achieve the best possible results.

An ideal treatment of the double chin and neck should meet ideal conditions:

  • That’s minimally invasive.
  • Without extensive or visible scars.
  • It doesn’t need a deep anesthesia.
  • Reduce recovery and reintegration into social and working life.
  • With as few adverse effects and complications as possible.
  • With good and lasting results.


Who are the best Candidates to eliminate fat in the neck with MINIMALLY INVASIVE surgery?

Men and women who are not satisfied with an aspect of fullness in their neck or double chin due to excess submental fat are the candidates for this treatment.

As well as in other parts of the body, abdomen, legs or arms, can improve with physical exercise, the accumulation of fat in the neck is very difficult to disappear, and when it does so by intense thinning leaves as a sequel an excessive and loose skin that makes disappear the pleasant angle that form the head with the neck.

What is the treatment that eliminates fat under the chin?

Sometimes it will be necessary to use more invasive techniques: cervical-facial stretching, short scar stretching, repair of the platysma muscle of the neck through an incision under the chin.

However, in most cases a chin can be resolved by means of a minimally invasive technique that is performed on an outpatient basis, without the need for hospital admission. It consists of removing fat that accumulates under the chin or in the lateral part of the neck.

Through a small incision of 2-3 mm located near the natural wrinkle of the chin, in the lower area, and sometimes another incision of the same size that is placed in the back of the ear lobes, a small cannula is inserted with a special shape that allows the fat cells to break and aspiration of its content; It also makes a scratching of the interior that facilitates a retraction of the remaining skin in the following weeks and an adaptation to the new contour created. This entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Pain or discomfort after treatment is low and visible swelling or bruising is usually reduced within 7 to 14 days. For a better recovery you should wear an elastic band around the neck that keeps the skin firm and prevents excessive movement that can increase inflammation. This facial band can be removed several times a day for a week, although you should sleep with it for about 10-14 days.

As a complement to this removal of fat from the neck we are going to perform in the following weeks, to achieve a reduction of the skin more intense and a more beautiful contour, several sessions of Tripolar Radiofrequency, painless and short duration, which produce a warming of the internal part of the skin and an increase in collagen that favors a return of skin elasticity and a more beautiful appearance.

Results and Photos before and after removing fat on neck and chin.

Results and Photos before and after removing fat on neck and chin.

Good results are already visible within a week of treatment, although it will be necessary to wait about 6 months for complete and lasting results.

Below, we present you before and after photos for some cases of treatment to eliminate fat deposits in this area.

Does flaccidity or lack of tone in the neck muscles improve?

The flaccidity of the skin is considerably reduced, giving the neck a more youthful appearance.

To improve muscle tone, an additional surgical treatment is needed to tighten the muscles using internal sutures.

How long do the results last by eliminating chin with MINIMALLY INVASIVE surgery?

With this neck fat reduction treatment, part of the cells or adipocytes are destroyed, being replaced by a fibrous tissue that maintains the skin’s adherence, and which is unlikely to regenerate again, except for those men and women who suffer considerable weight gain. The results are long-lasting and only subject to the natural aging process.

What are the risks with this neck and double chin fat removal treatment?

Immediate adverse effects of chin treatment are usually mild or moderate pain lasting a few days, swelling, redness, numbness and bruising of the skin.

On very rare occasions, there may be a temporary loss of strength of one of the nearby muscles, although complete recovery is usually rapid.

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