Lips: recovering the lost lip volume

  1. Restructuring of contour and wrinkles with minimal  injections of microcannula made up from fine substances such as hyaluronic acid or collagen.
  2. Recovery of lost lip volume (degeneration of the gums).
  3. Correction of imperfections of the lips or volume compensation  while always taking care to keep a natural appearance without excessive exaggeration.


  • What is profiling? As the name suggests is to outlining the rim of the lip, which involves filling the edge.
  • What is the filling? The filling volume provides more lip.

Precautions. Herpes and keloids. People taking medicines that promote bleeding. After treatment should not gesticulate much in the first hours or to take the sun for several days.

Contraindications Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

Get your lip augmentation in Valencia, in the clinic of Dr. Terrén. Our goal is to achieve the most natural lip possible.


Virtual Makeover for Lips Enhancement.

Virtual makeover for Lips Enhancement (augmentation)

Look at the effects that a Lips Enhancement treatment can get on your face. To do this, CLICK ON THE IMAGE on the left and follow the instructions below:

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2.-UPLOAD PHOTO: Upload a photo in which your face is seen FROM THE FRONT.

3.-CHOOSE A TREATMENT: to see the effects of the LIPS ENHANCEMENT treatment choose Lips Enhancement

  • What product do we use? Hyaluronic acid, absorbable product. The duration of this product is usually 9 to 12 months depending on the quality of the skin, the greater or lesser gestures, if a smoker, of sun exposure …. it has the property of absorbing water and hydrating the voluminizando delicate skin of the lips.
  • What to do, thicken or fill in the lip profile? Depend on the age, condition of the lip of the bony structures and teeth. You can usually start at the edge of the lip to make it more natural. After examining the anatomical and functional, study the gestures and facial shapes. So eyes and a large nose can not be accompanied by a small mouth and vice versa, a thin face and petite is not balanced with a very thick mouth.
  • How many times do I have to go to the clinic to do the treatment? Overall infiltrates in one session but should be revised to 7-10 days to assess whether or not a touch. It should be noted that the immediate result is not definitive because due to anesthesia and the technique of infiltrating the swollen lip is always better to go slowly, “fall short” because it is easier to increase than remove the fill. Touch-ups often require smaller quantities of the product.
  • How long is the treatment? A year in optimum conditions. The more you repeat the treatment with quality temporary fillers like the ones used in our clinic, lasts longer because it creates a kind of foundation or structure that makes the next treatment will increasingly spaced in time, the less material needed therefore reducing the cost.
  • Does it hurt much? No, always gets topical or local anesthetic.
  • How much to wait to wear lipstick after filling? A couple of days at least.
  • Will I notice it when I kiss? No, that often happens with permanent implants. Our goal is to work as natural as possible.

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