Simulación en 3D de los resultados de tu aumento de pecho antes de la operación. Mira el resultado 3D de tu aumento de pecho antes de la intervención  


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Summer benefits for health

Summer is synonymous with joy and wellbeing. It is a time of year very beneficial for our body:

Bookseller vitamin D
The sunny and warm climate helps replenish levels of vitamin D, one of the most important vitamins for numerous reactions of the human body. Vitamin D is essential to have good health because it strengthens the […]

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Breast Surgery Trends

For many years the ideal of feminine beauty is defined by having good corners and voluminous breasts. But today it seems that this trend is declining. Breast interventions tend toward discretion. And not the voluptuous and striking silhouette pursued. Patients come to the consultation in order to achieve natural-looking breasts. To achieve this, the ideal […]

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