Abdominoplasty for Women

Many women , especially after having had one or more pregnancies, note that her abdominal muscles are weaker, that the center of the abdomen is shown separately or even sunken, and the skin has lost its elasticity and appears often full of stretch marks or scars secondary to a cesarean delivery. At other times it may occur after a major weight loss, the lower abdomen is pick on the pubic region causing aesthetic and functional problems. Also found that although physical exercise and diet fail to reduce excess skin and fat in the abdomen.

Conducting a body contouring surgery in the abdomen ( abdominoplasty) can help to achieve this improvement in the abdomen of women, strengthening and reaffirming the muscles of the abdominal wall, narrowing the waist and removing excess skin, getting a belly firm and flatter. Often advise women combining abdominoplasty with liposuction to remove excess fat in the region of the flanks and back in order to get a slimmer waist.


The snuff can complicate the results of the surgery, so you must agree with Dr. Terrén reduced consumption few weeks before and after the intervention.

There are medications that reduce the ability of blood clotting, such as aspirin, so the doctor must inform their consumption and eliminate them from your treatment.

Dr. Terrén explain postoperative care and proper recovery time, as well as their expected return to work activities (1 to 2 weeks), personal and sporting regular (3-4 weeks). Explain the risks and possible complications, and the leaves will be given informed consent to read and sign.

Dr. Terrén will report the costs of surgery. There is no fixed price for all interventions and your case will be treated individually, including the costs of surgery and hospitalization if appropriate, fees surgical equipment and anesthesia. You can check with the clinic staff financing options that may be of interest (see financing).

It is performed under local anesthesia and deep sedation or general anesthesia and lasts about two hours, the patient should remain in the hospital 1 or 2 nights for proper aftercare .

Surgery involves removing excess skin and fat through an incision in the lower abdominal region, which extends from side to side, being less long the less skin needed remove, and limited sometimes to the lower part coinciding with a horizontal scar from a previous cesarean (mini- abdominoplasty) .

Once you have located the muscles of the abdominal wall can be easily tightened with sutures, and even reinforced with a synthetic mesh, permanently, getting a firmer abdomen and tightening the muscles of the abdominal waist.

It will remain in the hospital 24 or 48 h. You can walk around the room or even the hallway of the hospital. It takes a few devices for drainage of waste fluids after abdominoplasty surgery, which must be maintained for 48 – 72 hours and you will be removed in the clinic of Dr. Terrén .

You should also wear a garment of acupressure ( abdominal binder ) for several weeks after surgery, but may loosen or remove sleeping.

Take analgesics to control postoperative pain for a few days, and antibiotics to prevent infection.

Rest for the first week and you must avoid tension of the abdomen (eg, you should not walk upright ). The recovery time is approximately two weeks.

In four weeks he will go twice a week to the clinic of Dr. Terrén to receive lymphatic drainage massage the treated areas, so that recovery is faster and better results. During these visits, Dr. Terren and his team monitor the proper evolution of the wounds and healing, and personally answer all your questions and comments. Also have access to a telephone number for any urgent requirement.

The final result is obtained after about one year, several follow-up visits to be necessary during the recovery period. Come to the clinic of Dr. Terrén to advise you on your abdominoplasty in Valencia.

Here we present the before and afther photos of several cases of this surgery. 

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