Breast Augmentation trendsFor many years the ideal of feminine beauty is defined by having good corners and voluminous breasts. But today it seems that this trend is declining. Breast interventions tend toward discretion. And not the voluptuous and striking silhouette pursued. Patients come to the consultation in order to achieve natural-looking breasts. To achieve this, the ideal is that the contour of the breast implant is barely noticeable or quasi imperceptible, a natural cleavage is achieved, the areola and nipple should be at the point of greatest projection of the breast or slightly above, the scar is barely visible …

Opt for a smaller implants has other advantages, it is not just a fad. The larger the implant, the more likely they are to have problems, such as ripple, sagging, stretching the skin by the weight … Of course, it should be noted that breast augmentation should be very exaggerated lead to complications as back and neck pain, stretch marks, potting …

The size also influences the final feeling of the breasts. If you have a smaller implant, with more own tissue covering it, the feeling is much more natural. However, if you have a large implant and a lower volume of own breast tissue, you will feel much more the implant.

Breast reduction

Interventions breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty have also increased exponentially. This is an operation that aims at reducing the size of the breasts from the removal of fat, skin and breast tissue, making them smaller, lighter and firmer. It is achieved reshape the size, height and shape of the breast.

Breast reduction lasts two to three hours and hospitalization is one or two days. When excess skin is very large, the skin to the medial area of ​​the chest is removed, leaving a scar in inverted “T”. In the postoperative there is usually swelling, bruising, temporary numbness in some areas, including the nipple, and some asymmetries. The pain is moderate.

The patient can return to work within one to two weeks. The duration of the results will depend on future pregnancies, aging, and weight gains or losses.