We understand the importance of providing our patients a way to finance their treatments. We have therefore agreed to a financial institution   several payment options to fit your needs.

The total cost of your treatment includes:

  • The 1st and subsequent visits preoperative study for breast augmentation Biodinamic.
  • The Financing procedures.
  • Garmnets in postoperative breast surgery.
  • Your stay in Casa de Salud Hospital, medication and meals, some services provided by the hospital (wifi, private parking subject to availability) and bed companion.
  • The cost of the procedure, operating room, anesthesiologist and surgical team.
  • The implants should be necessary, there is no difference in price by size, only different models of implants.

In breast surgery Dr. Terrén use Natrelle implants manufactured by Allergan, round ( INSPIRE ) or anatomical ( style 410 – 510 style). These implants are among those who have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) in the U.S. after passing strict quality, safety and efficacy.

  • The treatment of lymphoma drainage ( manual lymphatic drainage) when prescribed by Dr. Terrén, advised on breast surgery, liposuction, abdominal treatments or members, and some facial surgeries. Includes 8 sessions, twice a week, in the first 6 weeks after treatment.
  • All reviews and postoperative visits with Dr. Terrén or Dr. Siles.
  • Dial access with our medical and clinical staff.
  • Our ” Commitment postoperative care ” 3 years for surgery and 1 year for non-surgical treatments.
  • 10 year warranty provided by Allergan to breast implants.

Given the particular nature of each procedure, we can not provide prices until you have spoken in detail with one of the doctors, depending on their clinical needs, which will make a personal budget for you.

Book an appointment for detailed procedures and costs.