Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts may experience a number of problems from the weight and size of the breast such as back pain, neck, shoulders, and skin irritation. Breast reduction is performed to relieve these symptoms and to improve the appearance of the breasts. Some young women suffer from excessive development of breasts which is called pubertal macromastia and requires a breast reduction.

During the first visit, Dr. Terrén make a detailed assessment of all breast measures. A good plastic surgeon should spend much time on these details, talk to women about their expectations and the chances of getting a good end result.

For this we have now the best resources, and extensive experience in excess of 20 years breast surgery.


The snuff can complicate the results of the surgery, so you must agree with Dr. Terrén reduced consumption few weeks before and after the intervention.

There are medications that reduce the ability of blood clotting, such as aspirin, so the doctor must inform their consumption and eliminate them from your treatment.

Dr. Terrén explain postoperative care and proper recovery time, as well as their expected return to work activities (1 to 2 weeks), personal and sporting regular (3-4 weeks). Explain the risks and possible complications, and the leaves will be given informed consent to read and sign.

Dr. Terrén will report the costs of surgery. There is no fixed price for all interventions and your case will be treated individually, including the costs of surgery and hospitalization if appropriate, fees surgical equipment and anesthesia. You can check with the clinic staff financing options that may be of interest (see financing).

The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia with sedation, and is a reworking of the size, height and shape of the breast. The procedure lasts 2 to 3 hours and hospitalization is 24 – 48 hours.

Incisions are placed around the areola, a vertical extension down 5 to 7 cm, and a lateral extension in the lower breast fold when needed. With a large excess of skin the skin is also removed to the original chest, leaving a scar or inverted “T”.

In the post-operative there will be swelling, bruising, temporary numbness in some areas including the nipple, and some asymmetries may occur. The pain is moderate. Take analgesics to control postoperative pain for a few days, and antibiotics to prevent infection.

You will remain in the hospital 24 hrs. or you can leave after surgery in some cases. You can walk around the room or even the hallway of the hospital. Take a few devices for drainage of waste fluids after surgery, but not all cases, that it must be maintained for 24 – 48 hours and you will be removed in the clinic of Dr. Terrén.

Rest for the first week and you must avoid tension in the breasts, like catching big weights or bending too much bending at the waist. The recovery time is about one or two weeks. The patient can return to work can in about a week or two. You should also wear an appropriate bra for several weeks after surgery, even to sleep.

In four weeks you will go twice a week to the clinic of Dr. Terrén to receive lymphatic drainage massage onthe treated areas, so that recovery is faster and better results. During these visits, Dr. Terren and his team monitor the proper evolution of the wounds and healing, and personally answer all your questions and comments. Also have access to a telephone number for any urgent requirement.

The duration of the results will vary depending on severity, subsequent pregnancy, aging, and weight gain or loss but will probably last several decades.

How does it affect the sensitivity of the nipple?

Some patients may have a decreased sensitivity according to the technique used. In cases of very large breasts this sensitivity can be decreased before surgery.

Can a patient accomplish breastfeeding after this operation?

There have been reports of breastfeeding, but generally not recommended, since the surgery and sectioned gland extirpate the tubes leading to the nipple, so it may form cysts.

Here we present the before and afther photos of several cases of this surgery. 

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