Capsular Contracture of Breast Implants

About one in ten women with breast implants will undergo an encapsulation of the prosthesis, during the first ten years after surgery, an advanced degree enough to require a second breast surgery. This complication, increasingly rare, can occur at any time, even years after breast augmentation surgery.

Advanced breast implants are medical devices with a low risk of causing rejection, but sometimes the body forms a scar around the implant with sufficient thickness to cause contraction and compression of the implant, causing a hardening of the breast and in advanced cases, deformity and pain.

The causes of capsular contracture are diverse, but often do not know the origin of this complication: a rejection of the prosthesis by the woman to an object, for your body, it is strange.

In advanced cases we will make a surgery to remove all or part that scar capsule, sometimes we take to improve the placement of a displaced implant and replacement of breast implants by other similar or different shape (round or anatomical), or size. In this way we can give back to the breasts naturally adapted to the changes that the delay has caused.

Come to the clinic of Dr. Terrén, your specialist capsular contracture prosthesis in Valencia. Consult me ​​your problem and seek a better and more customized solution using the best resources available to me.

Breast prosthesis

There are several types of breast implants according to their composition, although it is now generally recognized that the best performance and durability found in silicone gel implants (semicohesivos or cohesive). They offer a more natural feel, safety and durability (estimated in decades).

The fifth generation of breast implants include a semi-solid gel that reduces the leakage of gel cover (“gel bleed”) and migration of silicone filled implant in his pocket that contains it, with a very low incidence of contracture capsular and the rupture of the device, and higher rates of improvement in medical safety and in the length of the implants. Among these are preformed breast implants, also called anatomical, which provide a more quality, durability, reduced complications and aesthetic improvements. Leading manufacturers in the world (three today) are accepted in the U.S. market, and have overcome complex tests of quality, durability and study of complications before being approved by the FDA (Food and DrugAdministration).

Specifically, the NATRELLE™ manufactured by Allergan, are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life and are what I recommend to my patients, round (INSPIRE) or anatomical (410 STYLE).


Currently I recommend, in most cases, the use of anatomical breast implants with a subfascial technique. In the next post you can learn more about anatomical implants.

Videos of breast augmentation

You can see a full explanation of this type of intervention through the following vídeos of breast augmentation.

A continuación te presentamos varios casos del antes y después de varias mujeres que han sido intervenidas de esta patología. 

Second Breast Surgeries