Combined Breast Augmentation Mammaplasty (prostheses + fat graft)

In most breast augmentation procedures magnificent results are obtained with the exclusive use of a breast implant. In other cases, in which the woman requires a moderate increase of their breasts the best technique used can be the transfer of own fat, (commonly called fat graft breast augmentation), to obtain a more natural and lasting result.
But there are cases in which it is necessary to obtain a greater increase in the size of the chest and also a more natural result, although the conditions of the breasts are not the most adequate to achieve that goal.

When is breast augmentation surgery combined with Prosthesis and Fat graft indicated?

  • In women who are thin or have lost a lot of volume in their breasts due to prolonged breastfeeding or massive weight loss.
  • This is the case of women who have a wider distance between their breasts than normal and that only with a breast implant will not be corrected. In these cases the combination of a breast implant and a fat transfer will result in the best results highlighting your neckline.
  • It is also a useful solution in women suffering from tuberous breasts. In these cases the transfer of own fat is useful to give volume to the lower half of the breasts that is usually constricted and very reduced.
  • In secondary breast surgery, to solve problems such as wrinkles, the ripples that may appear on the lateral part of the chest or the upper area and the neckline, the visibility of the implants, or the insufficiency of filling in the different breast quadrants, a replacement of implants together with the use of own fat can be solved in an elegant way for women.
  • After a total or partial mastectomy, the defects created by surgery will give the breasts a more natural look and feel. When a performance on the healthy breast is required to achieve a good symmetry between the two breasts, the transfer of fat together with a smaller breast prosthesis will achieve the best results.
Simulation breast augmentation

During your first visit, Dr. Terrén make a detailed assessment of all breast measures. An excellent plastic surgeon should spend much time on these kind of details, talk to every women about their own expectations and the chances of getting a good final result.

For this we have now the best resources, and extensive experience in excess of 20 years breast surgery. During the visit you can run a simulation with external testers, allowing a woman to simulate the outcome of an intervention breast augmentation, ending the uncertainty of whether you will be taking the right decision regarding the size of the implants breast (learn more).


The snuff can complicate the results of the surgery, so you must agree with Dr. Terrén reduced consumption few weeks before and after the intervention.

There are medications that reduce the ability of blood clotting, such as aspirin, so the doctor must inform their consumption and eliminate them from your treatment.

Dr. Terrén explain postoperative care and proper recovery time, as well as their expected return to work activities (1 to 2 weeks), personal and sporting regular (3-4 weeks). Explain the risks and possible complications, and the leaves will be given informed consent to read and sign.

About the risks there is sufficient experience in these techniques so that the risks inherent in the three procedures, breast augmentation, liposuction and lipotransference, are significantly reduced.

  • The use of smaller implants reduces the risks of visibility of the prosthesis, postoperative pain, and even capsular contracture or rupture of breast prostheses.
  • The complications of liposuction with less aggressive techniques such as the use of water under pressure with BodyJet are also reduced compared to those of conventional liposuction or other assisted liposuction techniques, with less pain, less inflammation and a more postoperative recovery fast
  • Many studies have also suggested that fat grafting does not increase the risk of breast cancer. With the new techniques of mammography and MRI it is easier for radiologists to determine the presence of a breast tumor even with the presence of fat grafts in the breast.

Both combined techniques, performed by a surgeon expert in breast augmentation, in liposuction and in the transfer of the fat obtained, represent a great advance in plastic surgery and in obtaining the best results in breast augmentation.

Dr. Terrén will report the costs of surgery. There is no fixed price for all interventions and your case will be treated individually, including the costs of surgery and hospitalization if appropriate, fees surgical equipment and anesthesia. You can check with the clinic staff financing options that may be of interest (see financing).

This combination of procedures can be performed in a single surgical time or in two surgical procedures if indicated.
When performed in a single surgical time the woman will be able to solve an excess of fat in one or several areas of her body in addition to getting fuller and more natural breasts in the same intervention. In these I will obtain the fat through an adequate method of liposuction so that most of the fat cells or adipocytes can survive and maintain good results. The technique I use is assisted lipoaspiration using the BodyJet system (BodyJet liposuction), which also reduces postoperative discomfort and recovery time, increasing the survival of grafted fat. It is necessary to avoid fat collection techniques that use lasers or ultrasounds, since these techniques destroy or reduce the survival of fat cells very sharply.
Once the breast implant is placed, and in the same intervention, I will proceed to inject the fat obtained in the appropriate areas, in different areas and planes of the breasts to increase its size and correct the chest areas that the implant is not able to enhance .
In the required cases this procedure will be performed in two surgical times; in a first intervention I will perform the placement of a suitable breast prosthesis, and once enough time has passed, approximately six months later, I will perform the liposuction with BodyJet to obtain the amount of fat necessary to complement the results obtained, improving the shape and also the breast volume

 First visit for Breast Augmentation

3D Simulations

Although it is similar to recovering from a breast augmentation, the postoperative recovery can be somewhat longer when several surgical techniques are combined, although the fact of avoiding more than one intervention makes this procedure preferable.

Take a few devices for drainage of waste fluids after surgery, but not all cases, that it must be maintained for 24 – 48 hours and you will be removed in the clinic of Dr. Terrén.

You should also wear an appropriate bra for several weeks after surgery, even to sleep.

Take analgesics to control postoperative pain for a few days, and antibiotics to prevent infection.

Rest for the first week and you must avoid tension in the breasts, like catching big weights or bending too much bending at the waist. The recovery time is about one or two weeks.

In four weeks you will go twice a week to the clinic of Dr. Terrén to receive lymphatic drainage massage on the treated areas, so that recovery is faster and better results. During these visits, Dr. Terren and his team monitor the proper evolution of the wounds and healing, and personally answer all your questions and comments. Also have access to a telephone number for any urgent requirement.

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