When the breasts are small volume, the skin is very thin with little or subcutaneous fat, the mammary gland is too small, or the implant is too large for your body, complication known as rippling or visible wrinkles, ripples occurs in the skin of the breast and deformities of varying complexity.

Implants placed in a subglandular hollow breast implants does not cohesive gel silicone or low cohesiveness (hardness) and saline implants more frequently suffer this complication.

Wrinkles and ripples often occur usually on the side of the breast and in the neck region, areas where the skin is thinner and where too wide implant not be able to be adequately covered by the breast tissue.

Obviously the solution will be to change the implant for a more suitable, place it in a pocket or hole that will provide greater protection, and in selected cases the use of grafts or transplants own fat to give thicker than the tissues of the breast .

Worth mentioning the deformity occurs in women who have a breast or tuberous breasts, congenital deformity is a defect in the development and often with a decrease in the volume of the lower pole of the breast. In these cases, simply placing a breast prosthesis does not solve the problem since, although an increase of breast volume is achieved not a correction of the form is obtained, resulting in a deformed chest and usually asymmetrical. In these cases double rows in the lower chest deformities and herniations in the areola, and the excess volume of the top of the breast occurred.

The solution in these cases is surgical remodeling of the mammary gland to remove the original features and the placement of an implant to provide volume properly on the lower poles of the breasts; anatomical implants are very suitable for this mammary correct congenital and secondary deformation to poor indication, although round implants used in certain cases are also useful.

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Breast prosthesis

There are several types of breast implants according to their composition, although it is now generally recognized that the best performance and durability found in silicone gel implants (semicohesivos or cohesive). They offer a more natural feel, safety and durability (estimated in decades).

The fifth generation of breast implants include a semi-solid gel that reduces the leakage of gel cover (“gel bleed”) and migration of silicone filled implant in his pocket that contains it, with a very low incidence of contracture capsular and the rupture of the device, and higher rates of improvement in medical safety and in the length of the implants. Among these are preformed breast implants, also called anatomical, which provide a more quality, durability, reduced complications and aesthetic improvements. Leading manufacturers in the world (three today) are accepted in the U.S. market, and have overcome complex tests of quality, durability and study of complications before being approved by the FDA (Food and DrugAdministration).

Specifically, the NATRELLE™ manufactured by Allergan, are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life and are what I recommend to my patients, round (INSPIRE) or anatomical (410 STYLE).


Currently I recommend, in most cases, the use of anatomical breast implants with a subfascial technique. In the next post you can learn more about anatomical implants.

Videos of breast augmentation

You can see a full explanation of this type of intervention through the following vídeos of breast augmentation.

A continuación te presentamos varios casos del antes y después de varias mujeres que han sido intervenidas de esta patología. 

Second Breast Surgeries