Second Breast Surgery Procedures

Due to the boom that breast surgery has had in the last twenty years, it is becoming more common for women with breast with defects in growth, very little developed, asymmetric or tuberous breasts (talk about it in another section), or women time have been previously operated but have suffered any complications or the passage of time has changed the shape of their breasts, consult the plastic surgeon to fix those problems that affect you physically and psychologically, with breasts aspect of female morphology better considered.

In my extensive experience as a plastic surgeon I have seen women with serious defects and major complications whose only demand was to see her breasts as aesthetically improved or disappeared as chronic pain or significant deformity.

Among the most sought consultations by women include:  tuberous breasts or breast tuberosity (snoopy deformity), asymmetries differences in size or positiondisplacement of breast implants (bottoming out), encapsulation or capsular contracture implants, rupture of a breast prosthesis, falls or ptosis breast tissue aging in women with breast implants (breast cascade). Often there are several deformities or complications associated, which makes it even more complex surgery and good results.

In all cases it is essential to make a detailed assessment of all breast measures; the plastic surgeon should spend much more time than in a common case, talk to women about their expectations and possibilities to get a good final result. For this we have today of the best resources, along with a wide experience in excess of 20 years breast surgery.

These resources include:

1.-Local Anesthesia and Sedation:  reduces postoperative recovery time and the risks of surgery.

2.-Anatomical implants:  with the anatomical implants we have multiple models and sizes to customize the surgery.

3.-Safer and more Durable Prosthesis:  silicone gels, and even double composition and gels of different hardness, concave surfaces, and very high projections breast implants. All aimed to correct most of the deformities.

4.-Lipotransference or fat grafting: in the last ten years progress in fat transplantation has been exceptional. As a result we can correct many defects getting fat woman, processing it and transplanting it to areas of the breast that require a correction, achieving lasting results.

Consult me your problem and seek a better and more customized solution using the best resources available to me.