Cosmetic Surgery Valencia Dr. Terrén

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    Augmentation Mammaplasty Breast augmentation is indicated to correct: Changes in the normal development ...
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    Mammary Ptosis The effect of gravity and volume variations in the breast, especially by pregnancy,
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    Women with large breasts may experience a number of problems from the weight and size of the breast ...
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    Asymmetrical Breasts Surgery The difference in size and position of the breasts is a fairly common...
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    The tuberous or tubular breasts are caused by a malformation in the growth phase of the sinuses that ...
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    women who have been previously operated but have suffered any complications or the passage of time ...

Meet Dr. Terrén and the advantages that the clinic offers

Dr. Terrén: Cosmetic Surgeon in Valencia

Cirujano Plastico Valencia Julio Terrén

El Dr. Julio Terrén, expert in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and specialist in Breast Surgery, welcomes you to his website.

Dr. Terrén has more than 20 years of experience dedicated to Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, backed by a solid scientific background and deep ethical principles that require him to seek the best solution for each patient, respecting their needs.

Dr. Terrén is a specialist in breast surgery: augmentation, mastopexy (breast lift), breast reduction and in secondary surgery or second breast operations to solve sequelae or surgical problems in patients already operated on breast surgery, constituting the second surgeries of sequelae to patients already operated on by other surgeons, more than 50% of the breast operations performed.


Our philosophy: the patient’s well-being

Filosofia Cirujano Plastico Valencia Julio Terrén

“Our main objective is to ensure the well-being of our patients.

Our work philosophy, based on honesty, ensures that patients feel understood and supported from the first visit and throughout the care process.

Their doubts, fears and needs will always be attended and listened to with attention.

We will guide you towards an effective and serious resolution of your needs, while making your experience in our hands fully satisfactory.


Clinic Team

Especialista en tratamientos estéticos no médicos. Relaciones con los pacientes.


Auxiliar de Enfermería, realiza la atención al cliente, personal y telefónica.


See the 3D result of your breast augmentation before the operation


online appointment wuth the cosmetic surgeon in Valencia Dr. julio terren


Member of leading plastic surgery societies

Clinic facilities

Our clinic facilities are located right in the centre of Valencia, opposite the RENFE station and next to the Xátiva metro station, and offer you the latest technical advances.

Cirujano Plastico Valencia Julio terrén


Patient Interview

Our main objective is to make the patient feel understood and supported from the first visit and throughout the care process, so that their experience is fully satisfactory.

Entrevista a una paciente del Dr.Julio Terrén


3D Simulation Breast Augmentation

The best results for your operation are obtained with the best quality prostheses and 3D simulations.

A new technique for you to visualize the results you want before going to the operating room.

Simulacion del resultado de la cirugia de aumento de pecho