Frequently Asked Questions

¿Where surgery interventions take place?


Dr. Terrén performs his surgeries at the HOSPITAL CASA DE SALUD in Valencia (C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 41) This is a current clinic, fully equipped with modern technologies and a long tradition of the operations in the field of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

What I need to know before surgery?

Any questions regarding the operation What I need to know before surgery?;”>shall be confidential. Often, the more a patient understands the surgery, the easier is his recovery, and his expectations are more realistic. Before undergoing the surgery better review your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. The surgery will improve your appearance and your self-esteem, and correct the damage to yours body, but it´s alone won´t change your life.

Not everyone is a candidate for some operations. Patients with heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, anticoagulants, or diabetes, are poor candidates for any surgery. Smokers should quit smoking at least three weeks before surgery.

You will receive specific instructions to be followed before and after the intervention, they are designed to reduce the risk of complications and increase your comfort. Although the used techniques can give superb results, unexpected circumstances can derail your goals. Therefore no any direct or implied warranties can be given.

Are safe interventions?

Thanks to the advances that have been made, both in technical and medical anesthetic equipment, every day are safer surgeries. If, in addition, we expect that the person who is to undergo cosmetic surgery is in good physical condition, the risk involved is greatly diminished.

Therefore, we can say that if all pre- and post-intervention statements are true, and also the patient is healthy, surgery is safe.

How long does it take to recover?

Obviously it all depends on the type of operation, patient age, their physical condition, and working and social environment they live in. As average, the most surgical procedures not involving the face part, take about a week, sometimes less, for the immediate recovery and return to activities; the exception is the sport practice, which should be postponed at least for 3 to 4 weeks. Full recovery will range between six and twelve months, given that I am referring to minimal daily changes and, often, undetectable by the patient or their environment.

And what is the type of anesthesia I´ll have, and how long I´ll be staying in the clinic?

Depending on the type of operation, and personal characteristics of each patient, the type of anesthesia and time of stay suffer some variations. The average stay ranges between a few hours for interventions with local anesthesia and sedation , and a day or two for those performed under general anesthesia (Hospitalization). Refer to table below, but remember, the final decision in each case will depend on your personal situation.

Procedure Anesthesia Stay
Abdominoplasty General, o Epidural Admission 24-48h
Breast surgery General, o Local + sedation Admission 24h
Breast reconstruction General Admission
Male breast reduction Local + sedation, o General Ambulant / Hospital día
Nose surgery General, o Local + sedation Admission 12 – 24h
Ears surgery Local, o Local + sedation Ambulant / Hospital día
Eyelid surgery Local, o Local + sedation Ambulant / Hospital día
Laser and rejuvenation Local + sedation, o General Ambulant / Hospital día
Facial lifting Local + sedation, o General Admission 2h
Neck surgery Local + sedation Ambulant / Hospital día
Thighs lifting Epidural, o General Admission
Arms lifting Local + sedation, o General Hospital día / Admission
Liposuction Local, o Local + sedation Ambulant / Hospital día

Cost information and Financing

During your first visit, Dr. Terrén and his staff will tell the estimated cost of the surgery including physician fees, anesthesia, clinical practice and material. The personal attention and caring of your problem, adequate exploration, and detailed description of the surgical alternatives require time and dedication by Dr. Terrén, so the initial consultation wont always be free of charge, consult previously.

The checkup appointments before and after the operation are included in the total cost. Payment of medical fees, and expenses that you delegate to our clinic for your convenience, should be done the days before, or in some cases on the same day of surgery. If you would like to finance your operation, the clinic staff will inform you of the various financial services that we offer exclusively for patients of Dr. Terrén.

You can also get more information at the following link: Financing the Surgery.